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About Coastal Contract Cleaning

As a Bournemouth-based cleaning company committed to the highest standards of all types of grime removal, Coastal Contract Cleaning has been successfully delivering spotless results since 1994. Set up by Director Peter Roocroft, this effective local company currently makes a big cleaning impact for businesses and local authorities in the following areas throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire. We’re immensely proud that the majority of our clients are via word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bournemouth.

Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Bournemouth.

commercial carpet cleaning bournemouth

Always making sure that the carpets at your workplace are clean  helps to make sure that the building is at its best for the whole world to see. We have a wide range of cleaning options that give you high quality commercial carpet cleaning Bournemouth, which is our speciality. Our prices are also in some respect an investment for your company, the reason for this is that we only use the highest quality carpet cleaning products that will help to make that shine just a stretch more everlasting.

Certified Carpet Cleaners.

To make sure that you have some peace of mind, when it comes to cleaning the carpets in your premise, we have made sure that all of our cleaners are certified and follow every current UK legislation. We only supply our cleaners with the best equipment on the market to make sure that they can get the job done to the highest standard while still maintaining maximum efficiency. If there is anything you would like to talk about with regards to your cleaning then we can guarantee you that our cleaners will be more than happy to do so when they get a moment or two.

Our Guarantee To You.

To make sure that you get the carpet cleaning service you always wanted, our guarantee to you is that every aspect and element of this service will be tailored to and follow current UK legislation’s with regards to health and safety.

Years of experience with Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bournemouth.

Here at Coastal Contract Cleaning we have over the years enjoyed a wide variety of success for the past few years with regards to providing our customers and their recommendations with the best commercial carpet cleaning within and around the Bournemouth area.


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