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About Coastal Contract Cleaning

As a Bournemouth-based cleaning company committed to the highest standards of all types of grime removal, Coastal Contract Cleaning has been successfully delivering spotless results since 1994. Set up by Director Peter Roocroft, this effective local company currently makes a big cleaning impact for businesses and local authorities in the following areas throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire. We’re immensely proud that the majority of our clients are via word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers

Stone, Render & Fascia Cleaning Poole

Is the exterior of your property dirty? If your property needs extensive cleaning in Poole, Coastal Contract Cleaning will get the shine back in your stone, render or fascias. Our expert and qualified team will use innovative technology to clean those far-reaching alcoves of your property.

Stone, Render & Fascia Cleaning Poole

Our Poole cleaning services:

At Coastal Contract Cleaning, we supply cost-effective Poole cleaning services to tidy the exterior of your property. With our specialised cleaning services, we know how to get your property shining ‘like new’ again by extending our services to clean your stone, renders and fascias.


Stone walls are susceptible to the growth of algae which, over time, accumulates between the seams of your stone bricks. As a result, your stone wall or paving will become enveloped with the build up of moss and will affect the appearance of your property. We will remove the grime from the smallest of gaps with power pressure and steam cleaning techniques.


Get the colour back in your wall with Coastal Contract Cleaning’s render service in Poole. Over time, the aesthetics of your walls will decline due to the build up of algae and dirt which will darken the appearance of your wall. Our render cleaning in Poole involves using low-pressure water cleaning techniques that will remove the grime without damaging the coated surface of your wall.


Do you have problems with your drains? This may be the consequence of a blocked or polluted fascia. Fascias and Soffits are an integral feature of your building and need to be maintained. When you choose Coastal Contract Cleaning, we will use effective cleaning solutions and methods to remove any dirt affecting your fascias.

As well as a deep cleaning treatment, we will increase the life span of your fascias with durable PVCu materials. PVCu is specifically designed to prevent the build up of grime and algae. Take a look at our cladding and fascia cleaning in Poole that will be:

  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Increase the lifespan
  • Structurally secure
  • Ultimate protection

 Why choose Coastal Contract Cleaning?

Having over twenty years of a complete property cleaning service in Poole, at Coastal Contract Cleaning we have the expertise to give your property a certified clean with our stone, render and fascia cleaning. Fully accredited by Chas and ISO 9001:2000 registered, we employ only qualified staff to carry out property cleaning to the standard safety requirements expected in the industry. You can be sure that with Coastal Contract Cleaning you will be given a professional clean that will leave the exterior of our property gleaming.

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Get in touch with Coastal Contract Cleaning if you need expert stone, render and fascia cleaning in Poole with minimal intrusion. Send an email enquiry to, or call directly on 01202 944935.