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About Coastal Contract Cleaning

As a Bournemouth-based cleaning company committed to the highest standards of all types of grime removal, Coastal Contract Cleaning has been successfully delivering spotless results since 1994. Set up by Director Peter Roocroft, this effective local company currently makes a big cleaning impact for businesses and local authorities in the following areas throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire. We’re immensely proud that the majority of our clients are via word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers

Office Cleaning Bournemouth

Do you find cleaning your office tiring and unnecessary at the end of a long day? Here at Coastal Contract Cleaning we provide office cleaning Bournemouth for offices of any shape and size. We embrace all aspects of office cleaning, so our customers will always have the reassurance that every area has been cleaned to the highest standard.

About our Bournemouth office cleaningOffice Cleaning Bournemouth

An office can receive many visitors is the space of a day, and each visitor contributes to the dirt build up on the floors, walls and surfaces that they touch. Our cleaning services include cleaning of all surfaces; laminate flooring, carpets, curtains, office equipment and stationary and much more. With our service you can’t go wrong; we work at a time to suit you, and a frequency that will keep your property looking well groomed.

The benefits of our office cleaning in Bournemouth

At the end of a working day, most people want to go home and relax. Here at Coastal Contract Cleaning, we can be there to clean your office ready for the next morning, so you can go home and not worry about any mess at work. With our Bournemouth office cleaning, we have the right products to ensure maximum benefits. As we arrange a time convenient for your business, you can benefit from out-of-hours cleaning, so your company goes undisrupted.

What does our office cleaning Bournemouth include?

  • Washroom hygiene
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Windows
  • Telephones
  • And more

What can our Bournemouth office cleaning do for you?

Packages tailored for you

At Coastal Contract Cleaning we understand the importance of having a clean office. Regardless of the shape or size, we provide a package that meets the cleaning requirements for your office. As we cover all aspects of office cleaning in Bournemouth, you will receive a package that pays special attention to the finer details. Our cleaning staff are personally chosen for each contract, so our customers will benefit from the best cleaners for their property.

Our part

Bournemouth Carpet Cleaning

Punctuality is something that we always strive to achieve. We come at a time convenient for you, and as our staff are friendly but discreet, you can have the reassurance that your company will go undisturbed during work hours. Our priority is you, we only attend a times to suit you, and we create a cleaning package that fits the size of your office and the frequency that is required. We also always comply with Health and Safety regulations.

We bring our own

As we bring our own supplies of cleaning equipment and products, you never need to worry. Our customers will never have to provide for us. We believe that with any service, we need to be prepared and bring all the products that your office cleaning requires. Because of this, you do not need to keep products stored on your premises.

About Coastal Contract Cleaning

Coastal Contract Cleaning began providing its services in 1994. Director Peter Roocroft set up this company with a passion for cleaning every aspect of the building. With many of our customers joining us through word-of-mouth, we have built up many strong relations with our customers and many have stayed as loyal regular customers. As a highly recommended company, with the latest and safest equipment, we are a number one chose for office cleaning in Bournemouth.

Contact us

When you need a reliable company to provide your office cleaning Bournemouth, contact Coastal Contract Cleaning today by calling us on 0120 294 4935 or email us at


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