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Window Cleaning in Bournemouth, Dorset

Window Cleaning DorsetCoastal Contract Cleaning provides clean, shiny windows for clients across domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. Whether it’s a single-storey building or a 6-floor office complex, we’ve got the experience and expertise to make your windows sparkle.

Plus, we can do a lot more than simply making your windows gleam – our expert staff in Bournemouth, Dorset, can easily scrub the shine back into your fascias, signs and guttering too.

Just like all our other happy clients, you’ll be left with a building or business that’s proud to welcome its visitors through its doors.

“Save up to 40% off your window cleaning costs”

Using the revolutionary “Reach & Wash” cleaning system, we save our clients on their total cleaning costs, at an average of 40% – and we can help do the same for you too…

  • Cleans windows, atria, glass roofs, paneling, canopies, signs and facades with ease
  • Cleans frames, at at no extra cost, at the same time as the glass!
  • Increased privacy for you while we work
  • Enables cleaning of previously inaccessible areas
  • Easily reaches over obstructions (such as lawns, cars and flower beds)
  • No chemicals are used making it environmentally friendly
  • Cleans up to 65 feet (6 floors)
  • Operators work in safety – no ladders required
  • Eliminates need for expensive, high-access equipment

Coastal Contract Cleaning in Bournemouth, Dorset, has been built on our proud reputation for providing outstandingly clean windows at excellent rates. It’s no wonder most of our business comes from recommendation by extremely happy clients.

We’d love to give your windows the same gleamingly good treatment. Contact us for your free quote