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About Coastal Contract Cleaning

As a Bournemouth-based cleaning company committed to the highest standards of all types of grime removal, Coastal Contract Cleaning has been successfully delivering spotless results since 1994. Set up by Director Peter Roocroft, this effective local company currently makes a big cleaning impact for businesses and local authorities in the following areas throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire. We’re immensely proud that the majority of our clients are via word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers

Window Cleaner Ferndown

We understand the way that properties work. Over time, they build up grease and dirt from all kinds of weather and cleaning them can be time consuming. Here at Coastal Contract Cleaning, we can provide a window cleaner Ferndown who can complete many tasks in one go. Not only will your window glass be cleaned, we can also clean the frames and other aspects of a building’s exterior, such as guttering, paneling, signs, canopies, facades and more.

About our Ferndown window cleaners

Window cleaner Ferndown

With any service that we provide, we make sure that Health and Safety is a key factor. By complying with Health and Safety rules and regulations, we can guarantee the well being of our customers and staff. No matter the property, we will run a risk assessment and make sure that we are aware of all the areas that may need special care. Our window cleaners will always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers’ get the best service.

What our window cleaners in Ferndown can do for you

Coastal Contract Cleaning uses a cleaning system called ‘Reach & Wash’. This system can clean up to 65 feet (6 stories) so we will never need to use a ladder. With this system, we can complete window cleaning quicker than other businesses, saving us time and you money.

The benefits of using our Ferndown window cleaners:

We use the ‘Reach & Wash’ cleaning system, which has many benefits:

  • It will clean windows, glass roofs, signs, atria, paneling, canopies and facades
  • Cleans the frames as well as the glass, so no extra cost is involved
  • No ladder, no worries
  • Increased privacy while we work
  • Easy access to any area with an obstruction
  • No chemicals are needed
  • Cleans up to 6 floors
  • No ladders required

What to expect from our Ferndown window cleaners

Your property

Before we provide our services, we carry out risk assessments to locate any areas that might need extra attention or special care. Your property is important to us and we will always do that little bit more to ensure that no harm comes to your property from any of our services. The system that we use does not require chemicals, so we can guarantee that your property will not be at risk of damage from any of our services.

We promise our customers

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

No matter the size of the property or the number of windows, our window cleaners in Ferndown will clean all windows and frames, and as we offer other services such as signs and guttering scrubbing; our customers can benefit from a variety of services all at once.

About the company

In 1994, Director Peter Roocroft set up Coastal Contract Cleaning to provide outstanding services that will give more than just clean window glass. Today, we offer a wide range of services that will keep your property maintained to the highest standard. As most of our work comes from good word-of-mouth and recommendations from existing customers, we can guarantee that everyone will benefit from the services we offer.

Contact us today

If you require a window cleaner Ferndown, call us today on 0120 294 4935 to find out how we can help you, or send us an email at


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